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Suli, of the Black Harvest
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  Posted: Aug 17 2018, 06:00 PM


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General Info:
What is your Character's Name?

What is your Character's Gender & Race?
Suli is a woman troll.

What is your Character's Class?

What is your Character's Level?
111 (atm)

What are your Character's Professions?
Still deciding- likely alchemy and herbalist to start

What is your Real First Name?

What is your Real Age?

What Timezone do you live in?

What are your normal playtimes?
4pm-10pm server time

What are your goals in WoW? (i.e. PVE, PVP, RP, End-Game, Achievements)
I love raiding and want to do more- RP spoiled me an I can't live without it- PVP is something is "normal" to me and similar to RP just isnt "WoW for me" without it. I'm End Game focused for sure.


What previous Roleplaying experience do you have? (i.e. Acting, D&D, Creative Writing)
I'm an excellent writer, and do a lot of creative exercises and role playing for everyday things. I have worked at Walt Disney World - where I role played at attractions and they called me "cast."
I'm familiar with the Heroes System" of tabletop role playing some and want to get more into it.
I'm a musican.

Do you consider yourself a low, medium, or heavy role-player?
I'm generally a medium role player- but on occasion I can get way heavy, depends on the situation I suppose.
How often do you roleplay in-game?
RP realms have "spoiled me" so I really don't play a toon in WoW at all without rping some- Effectively I rp constantly in game.

How often do you roleplay outside of WoW?
Enough- and I would like to do more. I play a lot of computer rpgs as well-

Please write a brief introduction of your character...
Suli of the Black Harvest seems to have emerged from the Isle of Thunder, and not much is known about her before that. Likely studying and being odd- in the dark, she decided to pursue interest in a team that was uncovering (among other things, ) Deathwing's residual powers from his death. On the Isle of Thunder she found the link she was looking for and made another connection with a Gnome- her Black Harvest "partner" (they are supposed to be different races and factions ideally to keep each other in check-) manages the social media and paper trail of their efforts and the two promised to banish each other if one became too dangerous. Suli disappeared again following the events at the Black Temple with Kanrethad and Jubeka- and started finding her focus in power she was after- she'd discovered her mission to find the powers her people had lost- in particular. Like the snake, she envisioned ancestry shedding its power in scales to become the new forms and races of Azeroth in evolution. Determined to find both the spark and motivation for change, but also the powers that were not actively retained- Suli re-emerged on Zandalar, a place she'd been wanting to visit for nearly a decade now since the events at Throne of Thunder.
Her Loa (at least presently known to her, ) are Hethiss," and "Shango.

And lastly...

How long have you played World of Warcraft?
Vanilla (Twisting Nether) and then none until Cata- where I was an officer and got heavier into rp (Emerald Dream) have been playing since.

What other guilds have you been in, and why did you leave?
the Order of Oops- it was the right time- - wub.gif
Gnomeregan Technical Institute - still proud to be a part of it

What other MMORPGs have you played, or currently play?
none atm- Final Fantasy, Graal Online, Nexus TK back in time.

How did you hear about the tribe?
I was at a Blackmoon cross faction firework battle with Gnometech-

Do you have any references in the tribe?
I feel like I might know a few faces... from here and there _^_^

Have you read the rules of the tribe and agree to follow them if accepted?

Why do you want to join our guild?
I met this guild at an rp event, was impressed- and have been looking for a place to "main" - its one of the reasons I had joined Gnometech aside from helping them rp and the dream- (not to mention a safe and good atmosphere for me to find asylum in,) was to network and find a place to park my warlock- this being a Horde guild makes it even better as I don't have to move Alliance around and can still function and continue largely how I was- but now with a "home" and friends to party with- raid with, rp with lots and pvp, and ultimately to assist the community and guild... and honestly, I belong with the best! wink.gif

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Posted: Aug 17 2018, 08:48 PM

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Looks good, thanks for posting. I looking forward to having your help at our next fireworks show!
  Posted: Aug 18 2018, 04:04 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 15-August 18

For sure! Thank you! I'm so hype to be part of this club wub.gif

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